HO Bowser 50' Round Roof Double-Door Box car KIT Pennsylvania 55403 OL 1

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Bowser Manufacturing Co.
50' Round Roof Double-Door Box car w/Flush Roof  KIT

Pennsylvania Railroad X-32 w/Shadow Keystone Herald
Walthers Part # 6-55403
HO scale
No other freight car looked quite like these round-roof cars. They were visible in freight yards all over America in the 1953-1960 era. These cars were first called "furniture cars," but soon found use in the automobile industry. The cars were equipped with Evans auto loader racks. The car started to disappear in the mid 1950s. A drastic drop in the early 1960s left cars that were still in service to be sold off or in most cases scrapped. Second owners kept them in service well into the 1970s.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review